Feature specifications:

·Driving & Power input   

  Common cathode PWM driving & VLEDR / VLEDGB power input

·Mirage Driving Engine   

  Solving 8 fine pitch visual issue:

  Ghosting effect, Open caterpillar effect, Cross effect, Low gray 

  color shift, First dimming line, High contrast couple, Cross plate 

  couple, Cross plate gradient CCT

·Channel / Scan  

  48ch / 20 scan

·Max Scan Number  

  4 chips scan sharing to 80 scan

·Output current  

  R/G: 0.1~15mA  B: 0.1~7.5mA

·Bit & Refresh Rate  

  16bit @ 3840Hz /80scan


  3 Wire SPI & Max 36 chips per channel

·Global Calibration  

  3 calibration parameter @high to low gray level

·Min. Calibration Pulse Width  


·Chip power consumption @Dark  

  2.4uA / Pixel @ 16x60 dots

·Chip power consumption @White  

  22uW / Pixel @ 20mA pixel current


  QFN88 - 10 x 10 - 0.4

·LED Pitch Application  


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