ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
ISO9001 is one of the core standards of the quality management system included in the ISO9000 family of standards. The ISO9000 family of standards is a concept proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994, which refers to the international standard formulated by ISO/Tc176 (Technical Committee for Quality Management and Quality Assurance of the International Organization for Standardization). ISO9001 is internationally recognized as the most mature and authoritative standardized quality system, with the strictest requirements, the most refined management, and the most comprehensive risk control. Currently, it covers 161 countries and regions worldwide.

The obtaining of the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification is a comprehensive affirmation of the standardization and standardization of various management work of Xm-Plus Technology. Clear processes, efficient management, and down-to-earth technological innovation work are key factors for Xm-Plus Technology to gain market and quality management system recognition.

In the future, Xm-Plus Technology will continue to maintain its original intention, take innovative technology as the cornerstone, strictly follow standards in production operations, continuously improve product quality, optimize service quality, and promote the healthy and steady development of the enterprise!

1. The product complies with ROHS specifications

2. Comply with EICC related specifications

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Xiamen Xm-Plus Technology Co., Ltd as a good corporate citizen, based on its corporate social responsibility and respect for international human rights, hereby declares the following regarding metal minerals (hereinafter referred to as "conflict minerals") derived from armed conflicts, illegal mining, and poor working environments: 

Xiamen Xm-Plus Technology's products will take relevant measures to avoid the use of such conflict minerals in their products. Suppliers are required to conduct a detailed investigation into whether the mineral sources of metals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) in their products come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and if necessary, require suppliers to provide information obtained from the investigation; We will continue to pay attention to the issue of conflict minerals in order to improve the impact of these issues