Feature specifications: 

·LTPS/IGZO AMOLED driver IC for wearable application

·Support max. 480RGB x 480

·Support 1 to 6 & 1 to 12 multiplexer

·Support 16.7M,4096,8color depth

  MCU 8 bits, SPI3 / SPI4 / Q-SPI
  MIPI-DSI 2 Lane, Max. bandwidth 500Mbps

·Built-in analog & digital RGB 3 gamma

·Built-in Xm-Plus Image Algorithm
  Hight brightness mode
  Auto current limit
  Smooth edge engine

·Support 2 power mode

·Control power IC interface SWIRE

·Built-in one timing program

·Built-in OTP power generator

·Built-in BIST mode

·Package:COG / COF

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